We will begin the retention stage of your treatment after the braces are removed. We will monitor you during this phase for approximately 12 months. Your final orthodontic result depends on your retainers, so it is imperative that the retainers are worn as prescribed. Retainer wear is full time for the first couple months and then transitioned to night time only. Your mouth changes and ages as you get older just like the rest of your body so it is important to continue to wear your retainer nightly to maintain your great smile.


Removable Orthodontic Retainers

Essix retainers are removable clear aligners for your upper and lower teeth. Most people prefer them over the tradition Hawley retainers with a wire in the front since they are more aesthetic. It is very important to take care of your retainers because they are fragile and costly to replace. Please make sure that you keep them in their special case when you are not currently wearing them. It is easy to accidentally throw them away since they are clear and dogs like to chew on the plastic.  To clean these retainers, brush them with soap and water.

Your orthodontic retainers should be worn at all times for the first several months with the exception of brushing your teeth and eating. Your retainer should also be removed when participating in sports that require a mouthguard or while swimming. After several months of full-time wear, we may revise your retention treatment, allowing the retainer to strictly be worn at night. Your final orthodontic result depends on your retainers, so follow through with the hard work you’ve put in so far.

Fixed Orthodontic Retainers

Fixed orthodontic retainers are small wires that are glued on the back of the front teeth. Fixed retainers can be a great choice when your lower front teeth are really crowded and rotated at the beginning of treatment and also when you start treatment with gaps in your teeth. It is important to continue to floss and brush correctly around fixed retainers because they can be hard to keep clean.