Emergency Care

Orthodontic problems can occur at anytime during treatment but are rarely considered emergencies. Most problems often pertain to complications with appliances. Here is a list of common problems:

  • broken wires
  • loosened bands
  • oral pain
  • lost spacers
  • allergic reaction (specifically to metal appliances or latex allergies)

How can I prevent orthodontic emergencies in the future?

Be sure to follow the instructions provided to you for caring for your orthodontic appliance. This may include avoiding hard or chewy foods like ice and caramel candies, and being sure to wear mouth guards to protect fixed appliances during high-impact activity. You should also avoid ‘playing’ with or picking at your appliances, as this can cause damage. And as always, you should continue to see your family dentist for routine cleanings and periodic check-ups throughout your course of orthodontic treatment. We provide assistance after hours for emergency patients.